11551 Santa Monica Blvd #4, Los Angeles, CA 90025


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Prof. Erik is a fantastic BJJ instructor with years of experience in Martial Arts. He is also a great person who is always willing to bring the best to his students. I can assure that he will help you achieve your goals. Give Level up a try!

Rodrigo Clark , Black Belt Head Instructor - Gracie Barra Santa Barbara

Any friends in the West LA area, I highly recommend checking out Prof. Erik Klinger's new BJJ school. Great guy and black belt with years and years of experience teaching with Fabio Leopoldo at Gracie Morumbi. I met him when he was a brown belt many moons ago. I'll never forget him telling me about his time fighting in Japan when he injured his neck, but still showed up every day to train footlocks. I have applied that mentality through my injuries. Definitely check out Level Up Brazilian JiuJitsu in West Los Angeles!

Justin Tevis, Brown belt Brazilian JiuJitsu JiuJitsu champion / wrestling champion

After almost 2 years of training my 7 year old daughter has learned so much from Professor Erik Klinger including becoming much more confident and focused! After being confronted by a bully at school she spoke with Professor Erik and was finally able to confront the situation. After that incident I’m sure she has been much better off because of her JiuJitsu training. If you’re in West Los Angeles and interested in your child learning to be more confident and gaining real self defense skills I strongly recommend Level Up Brazilian JiuJitsu.


My two sons trained with Professor Erik Klinger for years and they gained many positive things from their classes but what impressed me the most was their improved confidence. Through their JiuJitsu training in the Kids classes and later the Teens classes they learned to really open up and be able to work great in groups and also showed a lot more confidence at school, in athletics and with their peers. I highly recommend Level Up Brazilian JiuJitsu for you and your kids!

AMY ORTIZ , Mother