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Level Up Jiu Jitsu Guatemala

Level Up Guatemala, Coach Oswaldo is seen here leading a bully prevention self defense workshop for kids in his hometown of Xela, Qutzeltenango. Coach Oswaldo is the first ever certified Level Up Kids Jiu Jitsu instructor in the country of Guatemala. He has been working with Professor Erik Klinger of Level Up Jiu Jitsu in West Los Angeles, since 2008, in learning to teach and in perfecting his Jiu Jitsu skills. Coach Oswaldo decided to dedicate his life to teaching Jiu Jitsu and helping kids in Guatemala to grow up with confidence and discipline through Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Level Up Life Skills. We're so proud of you Coach Oswaldo congratulations on all your hard work!
Spreading Jiu Jitsu around the world! Great job Coach Oswaldo Vasquez!!
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