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IJEF Ecuador Jiu Jitsu Mission

Professor Erik Klinger recently got back from the IJEF Jiu Jitsu mission to Ecuador. He and Professor JP Garcia delivered over 50 uniforms to the kids training for free there in Porto Viejo, Ecuador. Professor Erik also taught 4 free Jiu Jitsu seminars to help benefit the IJEF kids and the Ecuador project. IJEF stands for International Jiu Jitsu Education Fund and is a nonprofit organization that supports children training Jiu Jitsu for free around the world especially in third world countries and impoverished communities. Thank you Coach Bryan and Team Viejo Luchador for all your hospitality, effort and help with the Jiu Jitsu project in Ecuador!!

For more information on the International Jiu Jitsu Education Fund known as IJEF(pronounced, ai-jef) please visit the website here: www.i-jef.org
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