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Level Up Brazil kids win big!

Level Up Jiu Jitsu Kids in Brazil win big over the weekend in São Paulo!! Congratulations to all the kids and to Coach Felipe Makoto leading the #LevelUpBrazil project where kids train free sponsored by IJEF!! IJEF (www.i-jef.org) is an organization that sponsors kids training Jiu Jitsu around the world and was originally founded by…
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Level Up Brazil Kids

We are so excited to announce the first ever Level Up Brazil kids belt promotions!! These kids have been working hard in both their daily training and monthly Jiu Jitsu competition schedule. Coach Felipe Makoto Ono the head coach at Level Up Brazil has been training the kids for high level competition and these youth…
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Level Up Brazil

Congratulations to all the Level Up Brazil Kids!! They had their first tournament in  Sao Paulo, Brazil this week and they brought 5 competitors to the tournament with huge results! Every child brought back a medal! Five competitors, four gold medals and one silver!! Congratulations Coach Felipe Makoto Ono and Congratulations to all the Level…
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