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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Thank you Roll Addiction!

Thank you Roll Addiction for the generous donation at this past weekends IJEF raffle at Level Up West Los Angeles!! Thank you for all the support!! Roll Addiction has been one of the biggest supporters of the International Jiu Jitsu Education Fund. They are one of the premier Jiu Jitsu brands coming out of California…
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New Level Up Hoodies

Check out our new gear at the Level Up West Los Angeles pro shop! Here, some of our teens are rocking the new Level Up Jiu Jitsu hoodies!! Now in Kids, Teens, and Adults sizes! Get yours while supplies last. This new classic style is selling quick.
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Kids Jiu Jitsu Belt Promotions

We are so proud of all of our Level Up Kids Jiu Jitsu West Los Angeles November graduates! They all have been working hard for months on both their Jiu Jitsu skills and their Life Skills at home and at school. Because of that they were able to pass their test and receive their belts…
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